Reply To: Shiori Sugaya unknown outside Japan?


No, I did not know her myself, and welcome to the forum, I am new to the forum, but honestly I purchased a 26 key melodica possibly in the late 70’s or 80’s.
The other day I was telling a family member that playing one of my older saxaphones took alot of effort and practice to get a proper sound, and I mentioned that the melodica was so easy to play and rather effortless as well,
I’ve played recorders before and I know that breath control is very important on the melodica as well as the recorder,from going to one instrument to another I’ve noticed improvement the more that I play.
On your last line of your post, yes she is a good player and yes to the other note.
I saw her moving so much, I though she would pull the hose out of the melodica, i think she is checking it during the video, do you know what model she is playing?

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