Reply To: Hohner Piano 36 or Suzuki Melodion M36 – any advice?


Hello Jelte, both the Piano 36 Melodica and the M-36 Melodion are good Instruments. I need confirmation of the M-36 generation you are referring too. The original (1962-1974) had the pointed ends the second/third generation (1974-1998) did not and continued the same body style for the M-36B and M-36C. I Own both the Hohner and Suzuki and both sound completely different. The Suzuki is brighter than the Hohner (if that helps) Both are rugged and stand the test of time. As for the mouth piece for the Hohner melodica, the newer Hohner Melodica mouthpieces to not fit the Piano-36, but they are available on eBay and at the official Hohner Website ( The Hohner will tend to be a bit more clanky than the Suzuki.The Piano 36 is made of Plastic and Same for the Suzuki, but the 1st/2nd and 3rd Generation Suzuki are made much better especially the 1st generation. Both when purchased used stand the chance of lots of leaks the 2nd and 3rd Generation M-36 I have found to be more air tight, but you still stand the chance of purchasing one with leaks. The rule I use when I purchase used melodicas are “If the look like crap, chances are THEY ARE”. The more complete they are and kept clean with their case, chances are they have been well taken care of and will operate much better. I hope this help.

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