Reply To: Current opinions of Yamaha p37e and Suzuki pro37 v3

Dave Anderson

Thanks. After playing around with the Yamaha p37e and Suzuki M37c, I decided to return both of them and stick with the Yamaha p37D for now. I like the tone and action of the Yamaha p37d better than all the other ones, especially when I am playing with a jazz combo. I agree that none of these seem to be tuned well coming out of the factory. I actually bought a 2nd Yamaha p37d to learn to tune these things. I spoke to a person who tunes accordions and he wanted $400 to tune the melodica. That motivated me to bite the bullet and learn to tune it. I’m starting to get the feel for it now. I find that using an electric engraver helps a lot and gives me more control when I shave the reed. Thanks again, Dave

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