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Rey Florian

Hi Daren and all the melodica players,

I have been a member of the melodica world forum for a while but I am not very active digitally. I live in the south of France in Toulouse, and your website reminds me that there are plenty of other lovers of this beautiful instrument.

I want to thank you for everything you do because you make the melodica accessible to all and more than that you bring the nobility that people do not know it.

Amateur pianist, I got into melodica first to play with my band in acoustic jams, then I had a lot of fun and I continued.

One day, I came across your website and following your advice I had to relearn how to play this instrument. First by closing my eyes, then replacing the plastic pipe with the mouthpiece.
it was very painful, but it was worth it.

Having listened to your advice, I have been playing a P37D for about 5 years, and I’m happy about it except that the saliva gets stuck too often in the reeds. It must be the same problem for everyone.


I just came across your video, it inspires me and makes me want to create my own melodica.

Would you like to share your 3D file so that the community can try to reproduce a similar melodica and could you tell us which plastic material you used for this realization?

I would really like to try to reproduce your melodica, from your video and I think that with a little further work this can be done.

I think the only thing that may be missing concerns the 3D part because it seems to me that this version is more advanced than the one you have previously designed. And maybe also the shopping links like for example the springs or at least their dimensions, the felt or that kind of thing.

In any case, I wish you good luck and thank you again for creating this website and sharing your knowledge.

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