Reply To: Yamaha P-37ERD: some thoughts

André Sant’Anna

Aldon, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I was researching more information about the Yamaha P-37ERD, especially the differences between it and the other BK and BR models. On the Yamaha website, the information is as follows:

“[…] The brown and black pianicas produce a smooth sound, […]. On the other hand, by using sound absorbing material only for the higher notes, the red model produces a bright and resplendent tone […]”

But I didn’t find any comparative videos about. I figured the P-37ERD would sound more like the P-37D than the other E-series models.

I’m actually interested in whether the lower notes are as “polluted” as the P-37D when chords are played in this region. For me, this is the only problem with the P-37D (apart the already known noisy keyboard). As you said, I hear a lot of harshness and overtones. In the case of playing chords especially in the low range, they can sound even more unpleasant. As the text on the Yamaha website informs, in the P-37ERD model the sound absorbing material was used only for the high notes, so I imagine that the low notes sound similar to the P-37D. Comparing them, what would you say?

Daren, wouldn’t air resistance help with circular breathing?

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