Reply To: Need a Suzuki melodica with a nub for a mouthpiece!

Alan Brinton

I got my first dose of the Moderna covid vaccine last week, Julie, so I’m feeling pretty good right now!

I believe that all current Suzuki models have interchangeable mouthpieces and that this has been true since at least 1980.

How about the Suzuki MP-142? That’s probably my favorite Suzuki mouthpiece, shown below in my M-32C. I don’t see one on sale on eBay right now, though I have in the past. Or maybe the MP-141, which you can find now on eBay? If you Google “suzuki mp-142 mouthpiece,” you may be able find somewhere to buy one of those. It’s shorter than the standard Suzuki mouthpiece and has a golden colored nub.

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