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I have the 44Hv2 and the M37C. I do not find the 44H harder to play than the M37C; just the opposite.

You can hear me playing a 44Hv2 at

How odd! Your 44Hv2 does not seem to have this problem. I can hear your notes firing as soon the air hits the reeds. Also, lovely playing, thanks for the Bach!

I’m not sure if the difference is audible but here’s a video comparing my 44HP and 44H. The notes on the 44H “ramp up” – you can sometimes hear breath before you hear notes – while on the 44HP, the notes fire immediately.

And the only way to check for differences there would be cut open the instruments! Ok, I suppose you could remove the reed plates and get a partial look.

I’m not unwilling to do either, to be honest. I’m worried that, should something happen to my 44HP, I’ll have trouble finding an instrument with equivalent action to replace it.

Air distribution is a problem in most melodicas. It seems that the low notes are always stealing the air—the wider the spacing, the more the steal.

I do understand that, it’s just so odd to me that there’s so much variance between these closely-related models. (I’ve come to suspect that my 44Hv2 has some minor defects/irregularities that are causing its more pronounced airflow issues, so I consider it an anomaly.)

Anyway, one of these things might explain the performance difference between your hybrid 44H/44HP and the 44Hv2.

Many thanks, this is incredibly useful information. The behavior you describe aligns well with what I’m observing.

Doing a quick test, the 44HP with the “easy” action overblows (severely flattens or chokes out) _much_ more easily than the 44H with the “difficult” action, and so the 44H can be played at a much higher volume.

I think you’ve put me on the right track.

As an aside, a few months ago, I watched your ‘MIDI Melodica Sound Demo’ and I actually bought a Korg microKEY with the intention of reproducing your setup. (I haven’t got around to it, but it’s high on my list of music projects.)

I’ve also seen your efforts to simulate and reason about the physics of the melodica.

This is all great stuff. I really appreciate your efforts.

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