Reply To: Hammond-Suzuki 44 v2


Folks, I got an interesting email from Dan @ I had written to inquire if the domain and website, which is currently a Wix-web framework spacekeeper, was intended to become a full-service US Suzuki/Hammond site including parts for melodions. Here’s what he said back.
Yes, we are revamping the website and should have that done to resume business as normal hopefully next month.
“Resume” from Covid, that is, and the worldwide business depression… I had written to him at suzukicustomerservice @ and Dan answered from education @

I see their website says that they “partner” with several music companies, including Suzuki. Here’s the KMC Music main website:

It would be lovely not to have to order reed plates, breathing tubes, nipples, o-ring, gaskets, etc. for Suzuki and Hammond melodions from Japanese merchants. (Although I’ve had no problems doing so.)

It would also be lovely to see Suzuki move into US school band and music departments with a full-fledged support program. (This is what “education” @ suzukicorp suggests to me.)

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