Reply To: Longer air tube for hohner airboard 37



Hohner sell replacement parts, and the airboard flexible tubes are no exception. Since it’s possible to take the tubes apart link by link, it should be possible to add any number of links together, €1,- per link. (For some reason, though they sold black flexible tubes on certain models, they don’t seem to add them as replacement parts.)

I wonder whether there are limits to the size, though: Intuitively, I would say more length would ask more strength, but I don’t know whether that’s truly the case. Has anyone put them through the test? I can imagine a musician playing inside a tube, for effect, but that might be impossible to play.

On the other hand, I believe the airboards can also take a tube for a straight type. (I’ve not seen any indication that the straight models take airboard tubes, but it may just be because of it being an unintended use.)


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