Reply To: Hammond-Suzuki 44 v2


Yep, I ordered a MP-161 the same day I ordered the 44Hv2. I just think it’s unfortunate that they’re no longer included.

Practically, I think the metal mouthpiece is a very useful option, and I want players to have that option out of the box. I learned that metal mouthpieces were even a thing only because my instrument came with one, but others will no longer have that benefit.

Aesthetically, I think the metal mouthpiece gives the instrument a greater degree of dignity, while the floppy (to me, clownish) mouthpiece diminishes its dignity, and contributes to the perception of the melodica as a toy. The inclusion of the metal mouthpiece contributed greatly to my positive first impression of the 44, and it’s a bummer that others won’t get to experience that.

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