Reply To: Does anyone play the melodica for reasons other than the sound?

David Colpitts

Hello. This reply, although belated, is aimed at Pal and Kevin, and all interested in Janko keyboard melodicas. Yes, I have converted two, and am nearly ready to do #3. I have some trouble with this site software (I am sure due to my own novice level) and can’t really get pictures. Right now, the second iteration looks almost like a viable design, and it plays easily. My purpose for the whole initiative is to provide myself (and maybe some others, if there’s interest)a “uniform” or “isomorphic” keyboard, like Janko, or Hayden Duet, or some few others. The second version does that, and needs some cosmetic work to make it really presentable. I also used a very inexpensive Amazon melodica for the donor, and it is quite acceptable for what it is. If this virus-caused “quarantine” gives me the time to figure out a simple (YouTube?) way to share pix and sound, then I’ll do it. I have spent most of my discretionary musical practice time lately on the Hayden duet concertina, which is identical to Janko save for being cut up into more rows, for a compact compass, vs. the longer, linear one of a melodica.



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