Reply To: A melodica and acoustic guitar piece – "Winter at sea"


André, a few weeks back another forum member from Germany posted a link to picture of a Clavietta he had just purchased that had a built in pick up. I stated that the one I has seen a long time before had a volume control, I may have actually seen a custom or after market one and they actually may come with only the P2 connector. See link below. There is currently a Clavietta on Ebay with a Switchcraft 2501F screw-type connector, which were usually used for high impeadance microphones (This one needs work and has been on for a while now). My thought on this is that they were not highly sold as most would play the Clavietta into a microphone if used during a performance, but I guess there was the occasional musician that would want to plug it in to an amplifier. It is hard to actually see the p2 connector in the video. Thanks For sharing.

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