Reply To: Ergordica: Similar to Melodica but Smaller Form Factor


Hello Indieventor, your melodica really makes me think on how we play the melodica in relation to the way we play the piano and how it could be made for someone who plays the piano like me, to play the Ergodica without learning a different fingering method. The layout is easy to understand, what is difficult is how we normally play the black keys. We normally extend our fingers to play the black keys, in your design we pull our fingers back in the lower octave, but on your higher octave you extend to play them, this is more natural to a piano player. If the white keys were short like the black keys and the black keys were longer like the white keys for the lower octave only it would make more sense to the brain of a keyboard player, BUT! and it is a big one! to a person who has never played the piano the fingering method on the Ergodica may not make any difference since the brain has not been formally trained to play it like a piano. I really like the fact that you use two hands to play it. It really is a great concept.

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