Reply To: Vibrandoneon reeds – replaceable?


If anyone recalls I think I posted in 2015 regarding the Vibrandoneon reeds. I had contacted Martin for the reeds as he was the source for them and has been my source for Binci reeds. I made the purchased with Martin and were mailed directly from Binci. 384 Euro for my Vibrandoneon VB600PMK. I actually just sent another text to Martin about another possible set. I spoke with Claudio Binci via messenger in regards to making the reeds for the Diamante in 2016, but there was a challenge with the anodizing that I needed. and I eventually settled on inox. He was very Helpful and was willing to sell them to me directly, but I had a total of (9) sets I was looking for in different materials so that may have been the reason why he would have sold to me directly.

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