Reply To: Number of Keys

Pál Krammer

For those very experienced with a keyboard and improvisation, the two octave range might be limiting. Perhaps it depends on one’s personal style or style of music. Genres that fit within concert F3 to F5 would interest me.

On the other instruments I play, sometimes notes from concert G5 to C6 are needed for my favorite songs. So the P32D is perfect for me, but the P25F would be slightly limiting.

I’m relatively new to keyboards (my home keyboard has 61 keys), but even my P32D’s short range is sometimes visually intimidating even though I know where all the notes are by patterns. Somehow I just get lost. In contrast, I think the P25’s layout would be trivial for me to comprehend. Well, these are just my beginner’s thoughts. For beginners, I do think starting with a 25 key layout is best.

The P25 is so compact, so inviting. I think that adds to encouraging someone to just pick it up and start playing.

The P25 really tempts me. The “classic” P-37D tempts me as well, even though I’d rarely use those five higher notes (I’d prefer more bass instead).

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