Reply To: Does anyone play the melodica for reasons other than the sound?

Pál Krammer

(for some reason my reply to this topic disappeared after making a very minor edit – I’m attempting to re-post it; my apologies if this somehow results in multiple identical replies)

David: a question for you below.

Initially I became interested in harmonicas and bought a few different models in different keys. I became a little disappointed in harmonica forums, books, and YouTube videos, because 99% of harmonica discussion seems to involve bending notes (certainly for Blues); it seems few are interested in playing the harmonica straight in First Position.

Then, on a sax forum, someone who was actually interested in accordions bought a melodica because it was far less expensive and then a discussion ensued about both accordions and melodicas. Initially I’d never considered the accordion seriously, but as I learned about it, the register switches, the reed banks, the bass buttons, I became fascinated. I also like the artistic work of the faceplate and register switches of accordions. My local music store had five last month; they’ve sold two. I’ve given myself a year to study them before I consider buying one.

Anyway, that melodica discussion along with samples of play led me to investigate further – which led me to videos and reviews on this site. I bought my first melodica, a P-32D, just last week.

So – the Jankó keyboard! Pál von Jankó was a Hungarian, a pianist, and an engineer; I am just a Hungarian and an engineer. However, I am familiar with the clever design of his keyboard, although I’ve never seen a real one. In his day, such a keyboard would be mechanically complex; today, with electronics, such a keyboard is very feasible! So, David, have you constructed one? If so, surely it isn’t for a melodica – but perhaps I’m wrong?

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