Reply To: The First Hohner Melodica and Clones


hi alan,
perhaps this is the right place to continue our conversion from the soprano cleaningthread some days ago.
now i got also a woodenbody soprano and found this info on the first side of this thread:

In the first half of the production, the soundboard was made of pearwood, but they then switched to injection molded parts because of the persistent problems with swelling of the wood.

(the first half year of production is the right translation)

so the wooden ones should be the real first melodicas from hohner.

soprano alto wood

the left soprano with yellowish plasticbody
in the middle and right soprano and alto with woodbody and whiter tint.
you can identify them with the third screw at the end.

the soprano had a broken key i just fixed quick and dirty to get her airtight. she seems to had fallen on the edge.

i can not compare the sound at the moment, because i am a little ill, but will ask my girlfriend to test them.

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