Reply To: Coming soon: Play melodica with both hands! Volume I

Charles Pugh

I just received Your book, Play Melodica… Volume 1 and it is excellent. I would like some instruction and practice in playing accidentals (termed “altered notes” in your book). You wrote that accidentals would be included in the second volume. I searched for and couldn’t find Volume 2 (or II) so I imagine it is not yet written and is not yet available. Is this correct? In the meantime, can you offer any additional instruction on playing accidentals with the left hand beyond what is on page x – in my words, “…when a black key needs to be pressed, move the left hand slightly up so the fingertips are on the black keys, and then move the left hand back down when returning to white keys?…”

It is an interesting and probably great idea to simplify early learning by leaving out the accidentals and I will practice Volume 1 diligently (I hope). However, I have played piano and guitar a bit and will not be able to avoid sharps/flats entirely.



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