Reply To: Suzuki M-36


Found an old M36.
Seller said the keys are stucking, he tryed to open it and failed.

The sidescrews had been nearly destroyed ( the heads), one was very hard to loosen, but i got it free.
He mixed up the screws.The sideplates have 4 screws an only two of them have the same lenght. (see pictures)

The stucking keys problem was caused by the metal plate under the keys. I moved it half a millimeter to one side and now all the keys are free.
One screwnut was missing ( the one that is loosly put in the sideplate to screw the backplate on) and i made one out of a plasticcard.
The airchamber is not leaking, so i let it closed.
All tones are sounding ok and this model is very loud.
The keys are loud also. 😉

Only the spitrelease button is probably not working as it should, i am not shure.
The overall buildquality is good, but not great.
Produktionyear possible 1982? 3082 is stamped on the inside.

Pictures: M36


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