Reply To: Clavietta with built in pickup 1966


Hello Melodica-Me,
so it seems that somebody modified this clavietta with the pickup!?
see my photos from the inside in last post linked. it is just a passive microphone assembled in the middle of the backplate.
on first look it seemed to be original to me, but i could be wrong.
Already tested the pickup with an activ loudspeaker. sound is comming, but really low volume.
so i have to search for an preamp, i think.

i also already changed the washers with selfmade siliconewashers(the red ones on the pictures). (cutted them from an broken silikon bakingform)

the gasket had been not so bad, but i tryed to install it new with foamstripes.
bad idea: had been better bevore. so i have to get better material for the gasket.
you got a tip? cork or foam?

sorry, we will not sell this wonderful sounding piece (my girlfriend said 😉 )
i like the clavietta a lot, too.

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