Reply To: Clavietta with built in pickup 1966


this is Michael from Germany.
I am very new to this forum and also to melodicas at all 😉
My girfriend wanted a cheap melodica, so i started to search for new melodicas and ended with some vintage ones to try…

A few days ago i was lucky and got two pieces very cheap:
one Hohner Pro 36 in mint condition (leaky like they are) and
one clavietta; a black one with aluminium back and a small microphone build in, also in mint condition.
perhaps somebody is interested in some pictures 😉
Clavietta with pickup
the backside

i am not sure how to use the pickup.
it is a microphone with the jack at the back of the clavietta.
do i have to use a special microphone amplifier? just pluged into an active loudspeaker the sound is very low.


edit: should i start a seperate topic on this?

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