Reply To: Does anyone play the melodica for reasons other than the sound?


I was drawn to the melodica for a few reasons. I trained as a classical pianist before working as a composer, and dreamed of playing a wind instrument, where you could swell notes and play with expression. I also wanted to play an instrument I could travel with, put in my pocket and take anywhere.

I tried several instruments for around a year each. My first was a wooden recorder, then a chromatic harmonica, then an accordina. I loved the accordina, but it just wasn’t loud enough. After that I tried the melodica, which I’ve stuck with ever since. Of course the advantage is that I already play the piano, though as melodica/piano players know, although the key layout is the same, the technique is entirely different.

I’ve always loved the sound of the concertina, so I’m quite happy to be able to achieve a very similar sound.

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