Reply To: Suzuki B24 Bass Melodion – Gapping


I’m going to resurrect this over a year old thread since this is where the Suzuki bladder was being discussed.
I indeed took a piece of thick duct tape and placed it over the pencil sized hole on the inside of the reed cover of my Suzuki M-37C.
That way air-flow bypassed the bladder but also kept it intact.
I put it away shortly after that(just don’t enjoy the sound). After some time I recently got it out and played it.
I noticed the low D next to middle C had a sour bleating quality.
That put me to wondering about my duct tape job. I removed the tape re-assembled and immediately the low D note was back to normal!
I found that just taking my finger and pressing in on the bladder from the outside as I played caused the D to sour.
It’s interesting the D isn’t the note directly below the hole. I sure can’t explain the physics of what is going on.
I would greatly appreciate someone else removing the shell of their Suzuki and pressing in on the bladder and finding out if they get the same effect.

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