Reply To: vibrandoneon Ballone Burini

Andrea Lentullo

thanks Melodica-Me,
I need an instrument to do also chord comping… so maybe eolina and vibrandoneon aren’t for me. yesterday I wrote to some Accordina makers
Laurent Jarry proposed me a used old but in mint conditions Clavietta like new (he does not built piano accordinas)
Joseph Carrel answered me saying “Hello Mr lentullo, actually we make an accordina keyboard piano professional 41 notes Fa3 to La6″…
maybe this could be the solution for me? I asked him more informations because the cost is not a joke but his accordinas seems to be very solid and good sounding instruments. someone has tried his piano accordina? how is it? the sound is the same of the button one? Is it really different from other melodicas? Does it have easy tunable single reeds? What are its measures and weight (also of the keys)? Is good in playin chords and melodies?


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