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I did additional researches, and melodica did appear in some productions around 66-68 (with a minor role). Some people think it comes from Danny McFarnale

Danny McFarnale? 1966-68:
I wouldn’t baby (Sharks)
Hot & Cold (Soul Vendors)
King Street (Soulettes)
It’s Impossible (Delroy Wilson)
Gun Man (Dudley Sibbley)
Look who’s back again (Slim Smith)

Also found some early Pablo songs:
Melodica / Hombre Skank
Beast from the east
Satan Side Version / Kiss 14
Jah Jah Dub

Also found others 70s melodica song:
Bootlegger (Naggo Morris)
Blow Mr Latty (Latty Guzang)
Dread Lion (Augustus Pablo?)

Leroy Wallace
Rub Oil
Far Beyond

The Brixton Youths (77)
Collins Blood
Rockers Music
Black Star

Pablov Black
It’s a Fire / Science (Java copy)

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