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================= MELODICA FOR HIRE 1971-75====================

Producer: Herman Chin Loy
Aquarius Rock compilation (includes Iggy Iggy, East of River Nile, Song of the East, The Red Sea, Aquarius Rock)

Discogs References: Aquarius Rock, The Red Sea

Producer: Clive Chin / Leonard Chin

Album “This is Augustus Pablo” (includes: Dub Organiser, Point Blank, Arabian Rock, Pablo in Dub, Skateland Rock, Too Late, Pretty Baby, Dread Eye, Assignement n°1,Jah Rock, Guiding Red,Lovers Mood, Java)
Java Passion
Blackman in Dub
Pablo No Jester

Discogs References:
This Is Augustus Pablo , Down Santic Way, Even Harder Shade of Black

Various Producers

Ape Man
Schools Days
Bells of Death
Bedroom Mazurka + Dub
Don’t gun the man down
Cinderella in Black
Soul on Fire
Fat Baby
I am alright
Africa Queen
Sahara Rock
Pablo’s Dub Train
Bass And Drums Version
Pablo in Cow Town/Fiat 125
Feeling Moody
Fort Augustus Rock/Big Head 50 Skank
The Sniper
Midnight Skank
Return of Ivan
Pablo A Put it on
Pablo Wanted Dub

Coconut Oil
Stalag Version
Believe a dub
Born to dub you part1
King Tubby Special Mix
Pablo’s Mercy
The Sting
A Tuff Dub
Tales Of Pablo
Pablo Big Ride
Pablo’s Desire
A Black Version
Pablo Dread in a red
New Lots Express

Discogs References: Skanking with Pablo, Pablo & Friends, Born to Dub You

Producer : Tommy Cowaan

Album ‘Ital Dub’ (includes The Big Rip-Off, Road Block, Curly Dub, Well Red, Gun Trade, Shake Up, Hillside Airstrip, Barbwire Disaster, Mr. Big, Eli’s Move, House Raid, Shake Down)

Discogs reference: Ital Dub

Producer : Enos McLeod

Album ‘Thriller’ (includes Pablo In Red, Pablo Style, Last Of The Jestering, Pablo Nuh Jester, Fat Girl, Rocky Road)

Discogs reference: Thriller

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