Reply To: Melodica in Reggae : Augustus Pablo & Friends


Here’s the detailed Augustus Pablo discography centered on his melodica works in the 70s (i didn’t include works on keyboard,clavinet, xylophone and dub versions). There’s a good 150+ songs to enjoy here, all linked to youtube.

I structured the list around producers and periods, it makes sense as reggae evolved a lot during the 70s and each producer has its own style:
– First part “MELODICA FOR HIRE 1971-75” is centered on Pablo’s early years, working for several producers.
– Second part “MELODICA IN DEEP ROOTS” goes in heavyweight sound territories. Includes tracks centered on his close collaboration with Lee Perry, and also Pablo’s own productions (splitted in several stylistic parts). Also included the few works he did with few occasional producers in the late 70s.

Some few rares titles are still missing, but this list is pretty complete and should provide an interesting starting point to explore Pablo’s outputs in the 70s, and highlight some obscurities which deserves way more attention! Keep in mind Pablo was an highly influential producer, none of these vocals works are included here (most of them use similar riddim though).

I won’t cover his 80s/90s discography for the moment, i must confess it doesn’t interest me a lot. I will probably add several youtube playlists sometime later for a more enjoyable listing experience.

I’ve included discogs links for worthy compilations. Some titles are only available in their raw original vinyl form and have never been reissued since their original release.

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