Reply To: Melodica in Reggae : Augustus Pablo & Friends


Thanks Martin. You have given me lots to read and listen to as I travel to Jamaica in a couple of months. I have enjoyed exploring the development of 60s and 70s era Jamaican music (Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Dub) in recent years and am really drawn to it, as I am to 60s and 70s soul and R&B music in the United States (where I grew up). Interesting that the melodica played such a significant role in this music in Jamaica.

The unpolished nature of some of this body of Jamaican music is part of its appeal, just as an unpolished raggety melodica often sounds just right in some songs, particularly some blues, roots, and reggae songs. I, along with others here on Melodica World, are pioneering new equipment and techniques. You can open your mind to new knowledge here. And I am sure many here would welcome you sharing more of your knowledge about the use of melodicas in Jamaican music.

Regards, Lowboy

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