Reply To: Melodica in Reggae : Augustus Pablo & Friends


I hope Hohner is reading these forums and get a clue that they should bring these models back and maybe add a 32 and 36 note version in the same design.

Actually there was a recent Hohner marketing collaboration made with Addis, Pablo’s son. Sound is really ugly as expected and Addis seems so bored it’s really painful to watch

I saw several photos of japanese melodica players with an Hammond44 (including Makiko, a reggae player) .. would be interested in hearing Pablo rendition on that Suzuki model (you can see melodica marketed as”Key Hamo” in japanese characters, for Keyboard Harmonica)

You can see Makiko live Hammond @3′

and Makiko playing the vintage Hohner in a really smooth way (great video channel for tutorial with several reggae covers)

another great player (3 covers available)

Great modern composition made over the classic “Marry Me” riddim (69)

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