Reply To: Melodica in Reggae : Augustus Pablo & Friends


I didn’t go into full details regarding Augustus Pablo works, but i will post next into annoted single chronological discography (in fact there’s not that much singles with melodica as lead instrument). I think my recommandation list post in the first post should be a good starting point.
Because of their single nature, lot of his works are scattered among many labels. Some of them not being available since their initial release (some fetching quite high…)

Here’s a pretty complete fansite dedicated to him

Speaking of style, here’s one exemple of how Pablo’s style evolved during his early years
1971 (proto-Cassava piece on clavinet?)

1973 (raw version)

1975 (more melodic)

Same rhythm but different melodica pattern

Some lesser known works inspired from US tunes:

Nat Adderly’s “Work Song”.

Frankie Laine’s “Mule Train”

and a favorite of mine with that unmistakable Lee Perry sound (still Pablo) 🙂

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