Reply To: Bach on Melodica


Hi Alan,

Great video of unique instrument and circular breathing. And I could not help but notice in my YouTube “Up Next” column to the right was this gem of a melodica album: “Gold: The Very Best of Augustus Pablo.” Listen to this album while you (everyone) work around the house and see what it does for you. Still not sure I have fully sorted Augustus out, but he was a true melodica pioneer and created a plot of land for the melodica in modern music. I enjoy listening and learning about the roots reggae and dub music, particularly when it has melodica in it. I am going to Jamaica in a couple of months and look forward to learning more about Augustus, roots reggae, and rocksteady music as I prepare the trip. There is a charm about that old music. Maybe I should bring my melodica. Lowboy

Gold: The Very Best of Augustus Pablo

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