Reply To: Microphone on the Suzuki Hamond Pro hp44


Hi Olivier, there are three ways, you can use a in-line transformer about $10-$20 bucks. you connect the cord from your melodica to the inline transformer then from the transformer to your amplifier so you will need two cords. the next is to use a clean boost pedal. This one has a bass and treble boost which is nice to have.

Connection is the same as the inline transformer. These pedals are much more expensive $50-200. and the last is a D.I. “Direct Input” box this is the same as a clean boost. these usually have a low impedance out as well which is nice for recording. This method works best for me when I use the Hammond Melodeon. Speaking of recording, I personally do not like the built in pick up for recording, it does not represent what the melodica actually sounds like. I use a microphone for a natural sound. I use a pedal board for effects and do use the built in pick up for that but mike my amplifier. I can go directly from the pedal board to the IA converter for recording which works great.
Hope this Helps

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