Reply To: Fresh information about the Yamaha P37E ?


After now several weeks of intensive use of the Yamaha P37E and comparison with the P37D my conclusion is:
– The Yamaha P37E is far inferior to the previous model the Yamaha P37D …. the construction process announced on paper of the P37E brings no improvement in the musicality and playability but on the contrary could suggest that the previous model, for those who will not know it (which was my case before I buy it to compare), would be even worse which is absolutely not the case. The Yamaha P37D is and remains the best (from YAMAHA) …..

My personal conclusion: go your way regarding the YAMAHA P37E and continue to buy, if you predict YAMAHA, the Yamaha P37D that is and remains far from better musicality and playability.
I regret the purchase of the YAMAHA P37E even if it allowed me to discover the very good and old model the YAMAHA P37D which will remain durably in my collection t that I will use with great pleasure even if I am very attached to SUZUKI / HAMMOND …. the sound of yamaha p37d is different, it also playability and it gives him a charm!

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