Reply To: Pimp my Melodica


Alan, I’ll be making a whole new case with 4mm timber. I’ve experimented with thicker timber, but as you say, it tends to deaden, rather than resonate. I’ve found it has to be quite thin and light, to effectively amplify the sound.

I have a selection to get through, bit I’m not sure which one I’ll end up choosing for this one. Some woods are more stable than others at that thickness, which means they’re more likely to stay in the shape that I make them. My ebony instrument is quite loud and bright, and very stable. I’ve also made a zebrawood melodica (with single reeds) which both looks and sounds great. This has also stood the test of time (about a year so far). I only made this because I found a rare piece of thin zebrawood which wasn’t warped.

MM, the keys are galvanised aluminium, so hopefully they won’t turn my fingers black, but if they do, I can always coat them. Wenge’s lovely, but I think it would sound too bright for this one. I may well choose Mahogany this time, for the warm sound, though it’s not the most interesting timber to look at.

I’ve got some photos to post now, but I’m waiting for the technician to sort out some issues with the site before I can post…

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