Reply To: Who makes Melodica Men MM37 Melodica

Dee Cook

Once it arrives and I have a chance to test it, I will post a review. Two things re their product that I know thus far: They advertise that the reed plates are copper rather than brass, for “vibrancy and projection.” I’m guessing pure copper will be a little less stiff than brass, but won’t know until I try it. Also, they have posted an excellent video on how to tune your MM37 (or any other) melodica on Youtube, so I’m also guessing it will have the same tuning issues as most factory produced melodicas…For anyone thinking of getting one, right now they are offering a deal that includes Vol 1 and 2 of their various classical duet arrangements for melodica downloaded for free if you buy the melodica as a holiday special. Even if you don’t order the melodica, if you have someone else to do duets with, their arrangements are tailored to the melodica, and are very nice.

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