Reply To: My "New" Hohner-Soprano..

Alan Brinton

I have just reviewed old ads, brochures etc. that I have, and I’m still uncertain about the placement of the logo. In most of them the photos are not very clear, but here are a few.

#1) from a late 1970s brochure:

#2) from a 1966 Hohner catalog:

#3) from an early 1960s Hohner catalog:

There are some complications, though. For example, (1) Hohner sometimes used photos from earlier ads or brochures in its advertising. This is a conclusion I drew when collecting and comparing images; (2) It sometimes happens with melodica models from the same time period that there are variations in the same model. Not sure if this is so with Hohner, but it seems to have occurred when a production run ends and a new one is started or when there’s more than one manufacturing location.

If the case or box is shown, this can help to date the melodica. The little green and white sliding cardboard box goes with the one with the logo on back. The vinyl case with the logo on front? I think the box is earlier, which suggests that Oscar is right about the time sequence.

Okay, here’s another one. Probably 1970s since it includes the Piano 32. The logos are on the front. That’s where they also are on the Piano models shown.


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