Reply To: Angel Melodyhorn AM-37K3

Alan Brinton

A few added notes.

1. The discoloring on the reed plates does not clean off at all with alcohol and a cotton cloth. Except for that, the reeds seem to be in good condition and fully functional. So I have decided to leave them alone.

2. The green plastic tray is the one respect in which the AM-37K3 is superior to the Yamaha P-37D, slightly heavier and (I’m guessing) more sound absorbent, like the tray of the new P-37E.

3. Although the reed plates and other parts of the AM-37K3 could be replaced with their P-37D counterparts, a naked P-37D cannot be simply transplanted into the AM-37K3 enclosure, as the moisture release mechanism and button of the P-37D don’t fit and line up with the button hole of the AM-37K3. (Yes, this possibility did occur to me.)

4. I don’t think the 37 key Melodyhorn looks or feels like a toy, but its carrying case is really ugly. But it will fit in a P-37D carrying case.

I expect that my Angel Melodyhorn will be getting as much playing time as any of my other 37 key melodicas, probably more.

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