Reply To: Yamaha Pianica P-37E – My Report


Hi, I just received my Yamaha yamaha P37E (a few days), it’s my first yamaha. I play (jazz / bossa jazz) usually on the Hammond 44, 44 hyper, suzuki Pro 37v2, Hohner Airboard 37. I’m pretty confused to find the Yamaha P37E keyboard pretty bad …. I feel like it there is almost a friction between the keys when I play …. the keyboard is relatively noisy. As you know, the feel, the touch on the keyboard is quite important for the development of the musical game and I am disappointed. Following all your praise on the yamaha P37D I just order one to compare with the P37E because I am very intrigued. What is your experience with the P37E keyboard? you like it? Is it like the p37D for you? Am I the only one not to find the keyboard of sufficient quality?

ps: I appreciate the sound however, but the articulation of the keyboard spoils me enough pleasure. The aesthetics I like too …. it’s old school, it arrived well tuned

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