Reply To: Hohner Melodica Professional restoration


Sure — speaking just of the metal “spine” down the middle of the melodica: it uses those above-described tiny 2mm bolts. I used a 6-32 tap and a #32 drill bit (online info says to use a #36, but I used a #32 per my local hardware store; it’s possible that I made a mistake and the #32 is for a different kind of metal, or maybe I’m right and the online info is incomplete, but it has worked fine so far). I just drilled it out and tapped it (take care to prevent metal shards from getting in the reeds). The hole in the outer metal casing needed to be widened slightly to fit thw new bolt. The bolt is of course larger than the remaining 2mm bolts, so there’s a slight aesthetic issue, but at least it’s brass. Getting the correct length of bolt is important, since it can bump against the valves when the keys are pressed.

There is be plenty of room in the “spine” for this widening, so that wasn’t an issue. It does seem like this might be a good thing to do in general, just to prevent any future issues, but the remaining bolts and bolt holes in this melodica seem fine so I didn’t bother. The screws, on the other hand… 🙂

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