Reply To: Yamaha Pianica P-22 1975-82

Alan Brinton

Maybe so, but I’ve just been outbid, so no harm done. But this does pose a dilemma of sorts. I like to just answer the question, but a more crafty approach would be to respond to the inquiry with “I don’t know, but if you have it are you interested in selling it?”

My guess is that the P-22 is essentially the same as an early P-25 from the same time period except for the number of keys and the nifty handle endpiece. I have those models, and the development of that series culminated in the P-25E and P-25F. So who needs a P-22. There. I’ve talked myself out of spending 100 for something I don’t need. I’ll be playing my espresso refinished 25E this morning.

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