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Alan Brinton

“Where can I order one?” is, more importantly, the question about the album. Akeo (our pianonymous) has posted earlier about this. In response to my request for further clarification, here is her slightly edited reply:

1.) Please Send an E-mail to with your Name/Country/Address/Phone number.

2.) I will reply with an estimate of the EMS shipping fee.
 EMS fee= ex. Asia:+1,400yen / America+2,000yen / Europe+2,200 etc…

3.) Open the following URL: “Amazon E-mail Giftcard Pages”

4.) Purchase an amazon E-mail gift card. (Please note wrong description)
Amount column: Product price 1620 yen + EMS shipping fee charged in 2.) above
Recipient field: (Please be careful about misspelling)
Giver column: Your full name
Message field: Your email address
Quantity column: 1
Send date field: Send immediately
→ Select “Add to Cart”
→ Please proceed as usual to purchase items on Amazon.

5.) If I can confirm the Amazon E-mail gift card, I will ship by EMS.
I will not attach gift cards to accounts until you receive the CD.

6.) If you receive the CD successfully please mail me at
With that, we will associate the gift card with the account and complete the receipt.

The gift card must be purchased at Amazon Japan. As far as I know, it cannot be done through Amazon U.S.A., Europe, or elsewhere. I have an Amazon Japan account, which is easy to sign up for, but I was confused when I went there about whether it could be done directly, since my purchases there have had to be arranged with Tenso. I have suggested arranging payment through Pay Pal, for which most of us have accounts. Since there are no fees for sending cash gifts through Pay Pal, that would be the way to do it. Akeo generously sent me her CD as a gift — best gift I’ve received in quite some time! The cost of the CD is about $15 U.S., and the cost of delivery to me here in the U.S. was about $18. This album is well worth it.

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