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Hi All,

Here is an update from the WUMB three-day Blues Camp in New Hampshire, USA.

There were about 45 participants, mostly from the Greater Boston area and mostly playing acoustic guitar and harmonica. There was a flute player, an acoustic bass player, and a couple of electric bass players. Many classes were offered over the three-day camp by a number of talented performers—Kerry Powers, Tony Lynn Washington, and Annie Raines to name a few. Good camaraderie. We had jams every night and lots of other jam time, formal and informal.

I brought my melodica and got mixed reactions that ranged from great interest, to curiosity, to a sense I was invading the status quo.

I did not really walk away with any active contacts, as I live too far from Boston to develop a musical relationship with anyone. Nearly everyone was from greater Boston. I did exchange numbers with a recording studio owner and player, and that could possibly lead to some musical interaction in the future.

I am still evaluating the value proposition. Many of the participants attended similar music camps sponsored by WUMB, so they knew what to expect. I think if I attended another blues camp, I would now know now how to put more into it and be able to get more out of it. At the same time, it was an experience I will carry around with me for many years.



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