Reply To: 3D Printed Mouthpieces


I use the standard Yamaha mouthpiece, but I file off the lip (about 5mm), as its easier for me to play. If you 3D print one, make sure it’s printed with a food safe plastic. Even if it is, there will be thousands of tiny holes which can collect bacteria, so look into using some sort of (food safe) sealant, and wash it regularly.

I’ve looked into 3D printing mouthpieces a couple of years ago, and decided that the best option was to use a company to print it in ceramic, which they then glaze. They’re sealed, food safe and washable, slightly less accurate because of the glaze, but you’d need to use a rubber seal anyway.

Technology will have changed since my research, so I’m sure there’s other options out there now.

MM – feel free to make a post about your mouthpieces, sounds really interesting! 🙂

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