Reply To: Bach Cello Suite No 6 – prelude


Thanks for your lovely comments guys!

It took a load of practising, I actually started working on the hardest bits a few years ago, and kept it as a background project. But I can play it all with the right hand, the trick is keeping the hand (and whole body) really relaxed.

MM, I’m not sure we’ll ever have that sort of resonance on such a small instrument, but at least you can put it in your pocket and take it to any acoustic space you like! I’m going to record the video in a large resonant room, and probably use a ribbon mic.

Gianluca, I think that’s a good idea, I do that a bit with Irish music, where there’s an arpeggio figure – slightly overlapping the notes, turning it into a sort of moving chord, its a nice effect. Love your EWI version, I hadn’t discovered that before…

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