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Joanna Funk

Hi Daren, for me, beauty in simplicity is always the way, but all the advice given so generously here doesn’t take away from that!

I have seen how useful editing with midi is, and I can definitely start using that.

In this song, I deliberately recorded melodica first, and without a metronome. I wanted the pianist to accompany the singer, so to speak. However, with no real, physical singer, there’s no one for the pianist to watch – and she’s singing rubato! It really surprised me what a difference that made, and how hard it was for the piano to accompany the melodica. Maybe the melodica needs to listen to a piano (played with metronome), and melodica plays freely, within that framework, and then the piano accompanies the melodica, again, afterwards. I hope that made sense.

What is bounce, Daren?

Gianluca – thank you for explaining reverb and compression. Yes I would love to recapture the essence of playing in a spacious room, and enhance the dynamic a little! I will read up about it.

Very interesting about the low notes being loudest in a chord. I can’t imagine how to hold the low note less, I’ll have to try it.

Homework indeed! You guys are the best!!! ?

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