Reply To: City of Stars

Daren Banarsë

And there I was thinking that you chose to do away with reverb and any processing, as a production decision! I think it does add to your simple, direct, innocent expression, which I a find a joy to listen to. But yes, I agree its worth learning how to add some reverb – you’ll be amazed at how transformative it can be.

I see you were able to have the harmony notes at a lower volume by recording 2 tracks separately. Thats one of the quirks of melodicas, the lowest note of a chord is loudest, and dominates when sometimes we need it to be under the melody.

Do you work with midi Joanna? If not, its another great thing to learn. You can record the piano part in free time, and then edit out any wrong notes, or gaps. You can then use another track to record a new click track along with the piano, which speeds up and slows down according to the piano track. That way, when you record melodica, you can listen to the piano and metronome at the same time. There’ll be no surprises, and when you bounce, you take the metronome back out

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