Reply To: City of Stars

Joanna Funk

Hi Gianluca, thank you so much for your advice. I will have to read about reverb and compression. My recording software is Studio One which came with my PreSonus AudioBox interface. Once I could record separate tracks and export the mixdown as a wav file, I stopped learning about anything else (which I know is bad). I edit the wav file using NCH Mixpad, the extent of my edit is: Split, Delete, Fade In & Out, and Amplify. I know it could all be done (and so much more) in StudioOne. Up till now all I have cared about is playing the instrument – improving breath control for better expression and phrasing, and playing accurately, especially finding the notes farthest away from my face which I can’t see. I still blow directly into the melodica with no mouthpiece, and feel over the black notes to find the white ones. But it makes sense to record well, as long as it’s a fair representation of what I sound like. From your other comments in this space, I know you believe in honest representation of one’s work ?! More homework for me then. Thank you again, Gianluca.

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