Reply To: My Past, Present and Future with the melodicas

Bruno Travi


Point 1
The first time I tested the Suzuki Pro-37v2 (with the white tube) 3 years ago, I noticed the famous resonance detail with the bass notes, but this year I bought another one (with the black tube) I think that recently built and did not have that detail in the sound.

Point 2
In the same way this “new” Suzuki Pro-37v2 has an increase of middle-high frequencies which gives too much presence to the sound (my neighbors know it) But ! when recording, it allows me to equalize by reducing frequencies and find the sound I am looking for. This would not result with other melodicas, for example the M-37C, because it would have to increase frequencies and perhaps it would not appear what I’m looking for.
In summary, with melodicas the subtractive EQ is more efficient.

Point 3
The sound of the Hammond pleases me more but 44 keys seems a lot to me for a melodica.
Hopefully the Hammond PRO-37MIX will appear, a mix of the 44 standard and the 44 Hyper.

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