Reply To: Scala Scaletta 34

André Sant’Anna

Hello again,

I recorded audio by comparing the sound and timbre of the Scala Scaletta 34 with the Yamaha P-32D. I chose the Yamaha model because the sound is more familiar and, in this way, it is possible to have a better sense of what the sound of Scaletta would be. Both were recorded with the same condenser microphone, an AKG Perception 420, with an M-Audio M-Track Plus interface. I tried to play the two melodicas with the same air column pressure and both were positioned at the same distance from the microphone. The piece of music played is the introduction of “Viva Jackson do Pandeiro” by Hermeto Pascoal.

Melodica-Me, the broken part of the receptacle mouthpiece does not interfere because it is more like an ornamentation. The receptacle mouthpiece is deep and it is possible to fit the mouthpiece perfectly. I know this because I have already fixed some with the same condition as the unit announced (although I have rebuilt the receptacle with epoxy and then painted black only by aesthetic). But I understand your willingness to acquire a unit in better condition. If I see anything better, I’ll get in touch.

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