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André Sant’Anna

Hello Melodica-Me,

I’m glad you’re interested in this melodica.
It’s true that it has many similarities with Hohner, but I have not found anything that confirms that this model belongs to Hohner. In fact, as I wrote in my first post, the manufacturer is called Scala, who was a major manufacturer of musical instruments from Brazil in the 1960s to the 1980s. Could they have partnered to manufacture the product? I researched, but I did not find any information about it. But I think Scala may have copied or at least been inspired by Hohner’s project somehow.

In my first post there is a link with more photos of this model, including photos from within the melodica. The photos are from another unit that I have, which I bought to have replacement parts in the future. There are pictures of the reeds, which are individual. Here is the link again:

More pics of Scala Scaletta 34

About the sound and timbre of the recorded video, I think it is very close to what I hear, but like in many recordings of other melodicas, the sound is more beautiful live. I thought of recording again by first playing a Yamaha 32D and then Scaletta 34 to create a comparison parameter using the same equipment. I’ll do it as soon as I can.

It is not easy to find this model here in Brazil. It’s as difficult as finding Soprofon (which you own) or even more difficult, but eventually they appear. There is a unit being sold on an online sales site, and from what I read in the ad description, it is ok but does not have the original mounthpiece. Here’s the link:

Scaletta 34 Ad

I do not know if the person would make an international shipment, but if there is interest, I can mediate that purchase. The instrument is being sold for a very reasonable price and, if you pay in dollars, it will come out very cheap for you.

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